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Transmission Line Project Engineer
Title:Transmission Line Project Engineer
Location:Madison, WI

Supervising Engineer


Direct and oversees the work Transmission Line Design Engineers, Designers and Technicians on assigned projects.


• Ability to interact successfully with all levels of staff, clients and vendors.
• Able to work in a collaborative process.
• Able to plan, organize and implement with successful and timely results.
• Able to mentor and direct project teams.
• Efficient use of software, materials and equipment is required, resulting in minimal operational cost. All work time, unless otherwise directed, will be spent performing work that is billable.
• Dedication to completing a project on schedule is essential. Efficient use of time is critical. Working unusual and extended hours to meet project deadlines is sometimes necessary.
• Close attention to detail is required. Consistency, accuracy and thoroughness are critical. Final products must meet established drafting standards.
• Open to change; receptive to new ideas and concepts.
• Demonstrates imitative, self motivation, personal responsibility and decisiveness.


Bachelor Degree in Engineering. Intern Engineer (1st part of Licensing Exam passed), Professional Engineering License or Professional Certification desirable. Working knowledge of AutoCAD, Microstation, PLSCADD, PoleCAD, word processing and spreadsheet management programs with working knowledge of applicable codes.

Experience in Transmission Line Design:
• Ten years Transmission Line Engineering experience required.
• Previous experience in spotting lines, coordinating insulation requirements, calculating wire behavior, and determining structural strength requirements for Transmission Line projects.
• Registration as a Professional Engineer or ability to become registered.


Responsible for the overall design of transmission lines, as assigned, from siting phase through final construction drawings and project completion.  Types of projects included wood pole, steel pole construction, lattice tower analysis, relocate, rebuild, retrofit and reconductor of existing transmission lines, preparing Transmission line Rating Studies and facilitating and using LiDAR Aerial Surveys in the engineering process.

• Performs transmission line engineering work requiring a sound working knowledge of utility transmission line designs and standards.
• Creates project scope definition, project estimates and schedules.  Works with Project Managers making sure projects are competed on schedule and within project budget.
• Serves as a Lead Engineer on projects as assigned.  Interface with client’s personnel and manufacturers.
• Prepares specifications and Material Lists.
• Oversees preparation of review sets and construction sets.
• Oversees Project Close Out and As Built revisions
• Performs field investigations
• Performs design analysis
• Performs calculations required to assure compliance with recognized transmission line design codes and standards
• Facilitates LiDAR Aerial Surveys to collect engineering-quality data containing topographic mapping features such as roads, waterways, buildings, drives, trees, etc. in .DXF format attached
to the client defined software such as PLSCADDD, Microstation and AutoCAD.
• Prepares Line Rating Studies which include: Ambient weather data, IEEE-738 Conductor Temperature Calculations, As-Built Sag & Tension data for the current condition of the line,
Maximum Safe Operation Temperature, Limiting Clearance Conditions, Critical Tree Clearance Reports, Ice-Loading Clearance Reports.
• Prepares Elevated Temperature Studies which include: Tabular Clearance Reports for elevated operating temperatures, reports showing the number of spans in violation for desired
operating temperatures, reports defining the types of clearance violation each span is incurring, Failing Spans vs. Incremental Temperature Increases.
• Keeps informed of latest developments in the electric utility field relating to transmission line design and construction, and disseminates information to staff.
• Performs site visits for documentation, as required by clients.
• Visits construction sites to inspect work in progress or completed, as required by clients.
This opening is closed and is no longer accepting applications
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